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Ruined on first use

Sigh. I had been so excited to buy this beautiful beige trenchcoat. Super excited. I hadn’t owned a trenchcoat in ages. Why I wanted to wear one now, is anyone’s guess. Could be I felt I needed extra protection. Could be I really wanted the pockets. Whatever the reason, I really wanted it.

When it finally arrived, I opened up my box as if it were Christmas morning as I was so excited. Took it out of the box and tried it on. It fit perfectly. I placed it on the couch ready for me to put on the next day for work.

The next day I get ready for work, including putting my needed items into a backpack. I put on my trenchcoat and head out. I walked for 43 minutes in the sun. But happily so since I looked good in the coat. I got to work a bit sweaty and immediately took off my trenchcoat. I didn’t look at it until four hours later.

I was horrified. My beautiful cream trenchcoat had a horrific blue ink stain all over the back. It was from where the bottom of my backpack hit my lower back. Ink stain was everywhere. I wet it. I wiped it down. I tried to clean it with bleach. Nothing took away the stain.

It was meant to stay and be a constant reminder of how a happily-awaited item eventually turned into a bust and eventual non-use. The dry cleaner noted there was no way to fix it. The trenchcoat I had looked forward to was ruined upon first use. A sign of the times in which even little things end up marred during these times. Perhaps I’m taking this too much to heart. But it just seemed to symbolize how much can go wrong so quickly. I loved that trenchcoat for the few hours I had it and then it went away.

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  1. Ouch. Life is the strangest ride of ups and downs. Thanks for sharing this! Something similar happened to a friend of mine and she used a color to reproduce the “stains” on the entire garment. She actual fell in love with the effect. Be well.


  2. Ohhh, that’s terrible after so much anticipation and then brief enjoyment. I feel your pain. It seems like 2020 is determined to steal joy at every turn sometimes. I love light colors myself, but seem to be unable to keep disasters from finding them


  3. So true. Timely for me as well. I’d thought I was going to be able to buy the house I’m currently living in. But we learned that some zoning laws prohibit subdivisions in this particular area. So overnight I went from happiness to relative depression. Its not the end of the world but I’m pretty bummed right now. Good post as always. Thanks.

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