The greatest joy: Happy birthday my son

The cliche is that life goes by too quickly. Blink and you miss key parts. You give your everything to your kids and then they are off to form their own families. The cycles go round and round. It’s the nature of life. And so I am reminded again today as I always am this day. It’s my beautiful baby boy’s birthday. Yes, despite turning 12 he is still my baby boy. And, he means the world to me.

He has grown up so quickly and now he stands on the precipice of being a teen. He is almost as tall as I am. His shoes are bigger than mine. His voice is starting to change. But I am still his “mama” and he is still my baby. His birthday is a grand day in my life. He came into the world with eyes wide open and a head full of hair. And, may that continue forever more.

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  1. Enjoy these years. We have been empty nesters for 12 years and while the thought was initially appealing, the reality is not always so. Any time with your kids is quality time. Allan


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