What your television show recommendation means

Interviewing people for a job is a risky, necessary evil. They say fire quickly, but hire slowly. You need to take your time when bringing someone into an organization. There needs to be a right fit. And, when things aren’t working out, move the person on quickly. These are things to consider in the human resources component of work. The same could and probably should be apllied to certain personal relationships as well. However, I won’t wade into that particular bit here.

In order to change things up, I often end an interview by asking the applicant what’s their favorite television show. And, at times, such a question yields a goldmine of insightful information. Namely, that of whether there will be a sense of team cohesion. Not, however, because of similar television show affinity. However, the insights often come from how the show is described.

In the world outside the workplace, I now have started asking friends, acquaintances alike a similar yet slightly different question. I instead ask, what television show would they recommend for me. By doing this I get a glimpse into what they believe I will like. I also get to see whether they recommend a show because they really like it themselves and/or whether they think it is something I would like. Nuance. I’m talking about nuance here.

Recently, I asked three very different people for a show recommendation. I received extremely different suggestions and the rationale behind them all ranged widely. I enjoyed two of the three recommendations. One was seriously right on point although something I wouldn’t have gravitated towards on my own. The other was quirky, fun, and gave me much to talk about. The last was completely off and uninteresting on a whole other level. I couldn’t fathom why they would even want to watch that show themselves. Then I realized the selection was a way to share a part of themselves. A way to “educate” me on their being. And, in no way about what I might find interesting. I’ll leave it at that.

As we get through these rough times, I’m enjoying mh newfound question of interest. I sometimes get a great, enjoyable recommendation. I also gain great insight into both the person and myself. All in good fun.

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  1. i Find Everyone i Meet
    Inspiring And Have
    Never had a Desire
    To Hire And Fire…
    i Find TV Mostly
    A Waste of Time
    As i See Life too
    Short As only
    An Audience
    Member; never the
    Less, i Am Human
    And Waste parts of
    My Life; yet, still
    i am so glad
    i have no Desire
    Or Responsibility
    Now To Hire Or Fire;
    i Love Culture And
    Appreciate People
    Who Relate Cliff notes
    On All Aspects including
    TV; i see Great Value
    And Service In
    That Virtue
    Loving to answer
    Questions it seems it
    Would be Cheating
    To Answer this one as
    You’ve related Your TV
    Preferences here that
    i find Interesting;
    i See Every Human
    As Valuable
    And potentially
    Salvageable from
    Personal Experience;
    Maybe no Longer
    Having to Work
    For Money
    Colors my
    Of the Small
    And Big things
    In Life More Now;
    Like A Golden Age..:)


  2. We’re a quirky family. Husband and I find it hard to locate content – so we tend to binge watch a whole series when we find it. His tolerance is broader than mine – he liked Narcos, Queen of the South (until it got repetitive), and he’s watching Fargo.

    The kids and I are semi-cult followers of Firefly – a good part for the language, which is priceless – and I can watch over and over. I say semi-cult because we don’t do the elaborate stuff some fans do, with cons and cosplay. And we have the movie Serenity – the show’s fan last hurrah.

    Right now we’re rewatching The Riches – and only have a few episodes left; the writer’s strike in Hollywood killed it.

    And then there are things like Unbelievable that you SHOULD watch, because you don’t believe how bad it is (just stick with it through the first episode which is relentless).

    I don’t know you well enough to offer suggestions. What have you liked?


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