To smell vibrancy

I’m a diehard New Yorker. Even through this pandemic, where we were at the epicenter, I love New York. Maybe even more so now. But even with all that love for this grand city, I have often left it. I’ve lived in over 20 different cities. I’ve lived in four California cities. And, in all those cities I always missed my beloved New York with all its warts.

Something that I greatly missed while out on the west coast was the greenery of the east coast. There’s more lushness out here. You can actually smell the color green. I know that may sound odd to a few of you. However, it is true.

The last few weeks I have made it a point to go hiking and take in the smell of vibrancy. I’ve also made it a point to buy mint and limes adding to a smell of lushness and vibrant hues.

During this pandemic where many are isolated, there is a need to connect with all of our senses. To take in the world through new frames.

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