Make and keep appointments with yourself

During “regular” times it is often imperative to find moments of solitude. Imperative to find gifts for oneself. It may seem odd to note but one need to make appointments with oneself. I know I needed that reminder. Work could be all-consuming. Other’s expectations could be all-consuming. Thus, a need for setting time aside to check in with oneself.

In this pandemic time, for some who are staying home, it may seem like there isn’t a need for setting appointments up with oneself. But it may be even more needed now. It is imperative to do that type of “self-exam”. It can become an easy routine to sit and take in the news onslaught of all that is wrong. However, there has to be some time set aside to just do something for oneself that is seperate from just taking in the world.

For those who are working day in and day out from sun-up to sundown, making time for oneself is even more key. Worklife has become all-consuming and seeps into every possible moment. When setting multiple meetings with others, try to remember to make your own appointment with yourself. And, make sure to keep that appointment. It’ll be a healthier you as a result.

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