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I’m becoming a night owl so as to be good at social distancing

I have always been an early bird. I wake up at 5am and drink two cups of coffee and go work out for 40 minutes. And, I solve a million and one problems and answer 1,000 emails before 9am. That would mean that by 9pm I wanted to relax and chill. Or, I used to. So much has changed in the course of four weeks.

I now wake up at 7am. I still have two cups of coffee but I don’t head to the gym for a 40 minute workout. That last bit depresses me horribly. But I do manage to pace over 10,000 steps in my New York apartment. That is quite a feat. Bad pun intended.

Here’s the thing. I now throw out my garbage at 8pm. I receive grocery deliveries between 9pm and midnight. I pick up my mail at 830pm. And, I’m aiming to do laundry at midnight. This is a topsy turvy world for me. My eyes are itching and demanding some reprieve. However, this new schedule is my new mode of operating. I’m on non-stop teleconferences through about 8pm. I need a way to step away from this new world and running errands at night appears to be one of my tactics.

Our building told us we had to observe social distancing in elevators. The best way to do that is by doing things late at night. Way less elevator traffic at that time of the day. Plus, if I were to bump into people they would likely talk about covid-19. I just don’t have it in me to talk about it at night with neighbors. I talk about it all day, everyday now.

I’m tired. The only way to get around that extreme feeling of tiredness is to stay up late at night. Go figure.

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  1. Omg Teleconferencing
    In New York For Work
    8 to 8 Ya won’t be late
    Working From Your
    Skyscraping Apartment
    Just can’t imagine
    It But
    Been An
    Avatar 112
    Months Still
    Circling the Globe
    Beyond my Time, Space,
    Distance, Matter; not
    A Virus
    Will Erase
    Me Now in A
    Place With No
    Sun or Moon
    With No Air
    Literally Our
    Flesh Becomes
    Bits And Bytes
    Of Forever more
    Now My Tombstone
    Already Sings Pharaoh’s
    Failure for
    A Pyramid
    Of only
    Shell of Soul
    Other than that
    Hello my Avatar Friend🌎


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