mental health

Needed to smell the pink

I love the color pink. I didn’t always. However, the last eight to ten years, pink has become my friend. It makes me happy. I like to twirl about in pink. Although, I didn’t love pink as a girl I did love that Pretty in Pink movie. It’s a classic brat pack film about social cliques. It may be slightly dated now, but not extremely dated. All the pain, insecurities and goals are the same.

But I have digressed. Although, I have yet to begin to explain what are my thoughts for the day. Thus, have I really digressed? It’s all about one’s perspective.

Let me begin again. I love the color pink. I love taking random photographs as I walk. I enjoy finding odd objects on my walks. In New York there are plenty of odd things to capture and memorialize. As I was walking to work, I came across the cutest fire hydrant. A pink fire hydrant. How that came to be pink is beyond me.

As I kept speedwalking past it, I made myself stop for a few seconds so that I could photograph it. I needed to smell the pink.

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