In two months or two days one can be easily replaced

Selena Gomez has apparently been through some tough times in her 27 years of age. She was diagnosed with lupus and has undergone a kidney transplant. Luckily, she had a great friend who donated that kidney. Thus, even while battling health problems, she had a support network. Which, is so helpful and important to overcoming health setbacks. There is research out there that shows optimism can be associated with better health outcomes. But I digress.

While her lupus diagnosis has received media attention, her dating life has received an unbelievable amount of media attention and speculation. Of course, that media spotlight is fueled in part by her song lyrics. Just this past week she released two songs that hint at the pain and her being able to move on from her breakup with Justin Beiber. Well, not just the breakup. She notes the pain at their relationship being replaced after two months. She was flabbergasted at not just him dating someone new but also eventually getting married fairly quickly. That hurts.

There was this television show called Big Bang Theory and one of the characters is mighty unlucky when it comes to relationships. At one point he brings together his ex-girlfriends to do a de facto focus group to figure out why do his girlfriends always leave him. At the end, he comes to realize that every single one of them found a great new boyfriend right after him. He served as a catalyst, of sorts, for finding real love. That hurts.

But in everyday life, there are do many situations which lead us to know we are indeed replaceable. No matter how much blood, sweat, and tears you put into a job you can be replaced within weeks if not days. I know someone who died on the job and he was replaced and new staff came in and never heard of him. That hurts.

I don’t want to be morbid or melancholy. What I want to note is that from such pain we get to see what matters. From such pain we can seek our own paths and find happiness. Or rather, be happy. From such pain, we define our own self-worth. If you know that you can be replaced, you will be you. You will, as the kids say, do you.

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  1. SMiLes on this Sunday The 27th of October.. i am readying
    for Catholic Church as i’ve been doing without fail each Weekend
    since September of 2013.. going back as a Participant Anthropology
    Observer after Years of Research into Religions and Spirituality Around
    the Globe.. and while it’s True that it may seem sad when Your Love for
    Someone only inspires them to Love someone else and Move on actually
    it is the Most Beautiful Gift to Nurture Love
    And Send it wherever Love cares to go free
    And with as Much Disgust as the
    Catholic Church Expresses
    for the Behavior of Gay
    Folks who do not
    Spend their life
    in actual
    as they suggest they
    appreciate Life so much
    at least before Birth and not
    always in the care of those who
    are most Vulnerable in what one
    would hope are loving hands is that
    Elton John For Instance through the Romance
    of the LoVE iN His Songs no matter what Body Parts
    of Loving Humans may touch next have inspired innumerable
    Romances that have led to innumerable Births From Love too and
    sure Gay Romance too as surely Broadway Shows will do too Beautiful
    the thing is we are in this game of Life together and until we understand
    that it is always the Full Village of every Human Being in dark and light
    that inspires This Life then We may/will drop the Veils of Ignorance That Separates
    Us and Come Re-Born NoW aS the ReAlly smART Humans we used to be then when
    We Lived Naked Hand in Hand for the Work of the Day and the ‘Work of the Night’ too…
    Love is
    whether we
    realize it or not
    And Love has no
    Labels when Love Acts FOR and as ALL..
    i for one will Never Wait For Christmas…
    Haha ‘Don’t Hate me’ For Never Taking
    my Christmas Tree Down even when i
    am Celebrating Halloween with the most
    Terrifying of Joker Faces as i am an ‘expert’ on the Dark too…
    i won’t share my ‘Amazing Joker Face’ that is the Most terrifying here but
    it is on my last Two Blog Posts if you wanna see how fast i will turn into A ‘Devil’ too..;)

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  2. LOL! Half of my work life has been as an interchangeable cog in a large machine and the other half as a drop od labor in a labor pool that was frequently drained when it got too deep. It is the future of labor and life.

    Many people will find value in their life on their own time or not at all.


  3. Reminds me of when Gregor Samsa, as a giant cockroach, is desperately hurting his jaws in an attempt to get out of his room because he thinks his family needs him and he has to go to work. Of course they are horrified when he emerges, and in time they move on, even though he’s still there.

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