Mosaic is my fun word just like louboutin rainbow stilettos are a love of mine

Sometimes one falls in love with a human. Sometimes a bread pudding. Other times a hot, new pair of shoes. It can happen. For instance, I just love a rainbow pair of stiletto Louboutin shoes. They are just the most perfect pair of shoes. They are completely me. Or rather, they would complete me. I am not a huge fan of Tom Cruise yet I still really like a majority of his films. Why? But I digress. Just a little.

In looking at those gorgeous pair of shoes, I kept thinking of how I have been into shimmery, shiny, sumptuous patterns as of late. Just last week I bought a shimmery catsuit that had me feeling as if I were walking down a runway. My new pair of eyeglasses are a blue glittery pattern. Or rather, it is mosaic-like.

And, that is my latest love. Mosaics. They are beautiful in how cool patterns emerge by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass. Not only the pattern, but also just the word itself. Did you also know that in the field of biology, the word mosaic refers to an individual (especially an animal) composed of cells of two genetically different types? It is a perfect word not only in meaning but in enunciation as well.

Try saying the word mosaic. You bring your cheeks inwards and you end with glee. Well, at least I do. And, considering I have high cheek bones it’s a good word for me to express. I’m obviously having fun here today. It feels good to be happy and to just have a day where not everything has to be so serious.

Go ahead and find your fun word and have fun with it.

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  1. i usually can spot a Fellow Bi-Polar Spectrum Person by that
    Deep Dopamine Ageless Glow in their Eyes makes a 72 Year-Old
    Woman Eternally Young Now coming out of Recent Severe Depression
    Who came up to me in a Walmart Cart saying excuse me in the Walmart
    Hallmark Card Aisle one of my Favorite places to Dance as when the Flow
    Gets going Synchronicities come
    more Present Certain
    Cards my Spirit
    Spots and
    New Ideas
    start a Mosaic
    of Creativity new
    Truly Magic it is if
    only Bi-polar infused
    from the Extra Dopamine
    i typically enjoy in my Natural
    Birth Given State of Super Tuned
    Hypomania that stays up as long as
    i have a Handle on Stress not to put me into
    Space Orbit anyway.. my God in an Hour i have
    A Novel of that Woman’s Entire Life now in my
    mind and speaking of Words and names her
    Name was Lola Fast Adopted from a Broken
    Family and then Named Marva Fast but it didn’t
    Quite Get the Taunts from the Puberty inspired Young
    Men in Grade School.. it was really sad though her Husband
    Died she was well off living in a nice Neighborhood desperate
    to make a Friend and she did for an Hour but that’s all i had to give..
    Smiles.. if see her again.. i guess i could give her a link.. Human Limits
    Kindness only is
    able to go
    so far
    blood at Least hehe..
    at Least there are options now..
    Anyway she could keep up with me
    in conversation few can do that ‘where’ i live
    and Hell no she definitely was not from here..:)


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