Now its time to fly

Wrapped up inside the cocoon

Feeling the warmth

Feeling nested

Feeling a reprieve

A solid fort of comfort

Protected from the wear and tear of life

Building a silky foam

Soaking in the bubbles

Going to emerge soon

And soon will be a butterfly

Landing on a buttercup

Pouring from the pretty tea kettle

The cocoon was a good respite

Now its time to fly

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  1. iMaGiNE A Most
    Relaxing Bubble
    Bath You’ve Ever
    Had Dancing on
    A Tight Rope Amazingly
    It’s the Dancing on the Tight
    Rope that makes the Bubble
    Bath Forevermorenow Mine as Real…
    That’s why
    i Dance
    Sing on
    A Tight
    For the
    Bubble Bath Within…
    Meanwhile some folks
    Look for this Bubble Bath
    in a Dirt Nap.. It’s like the Twilight
    Zone and Rod Serling Needs to Come Back to
    Warn them how ‘they’ Come “to Serve Humans”…
    All i’m missing is a ‘Cigarette’ Standing at my Crib
    as i never slept at night i twirled around around in
    spirals on my Left Big Toe.. my Mother Exclaimed
    to my Father Look at His Eyes they are the Eyes of
    an Adult seems he knows so much i wonder what he would
    Say if He could speak.. my Father a Bit of a Joker in many
    ways said.. Helen one day you are going to Walk in Here and
    Find him Relaxed with His Feet Propped up on the Crib with
    A Cigarette Dangling in his mouth.. of course that was his Version of Heaven…
    mine was
    on my Left
    Big Toe…
    The Rest of
    IT is Mystory
    as i welcome People
    back From/to the Real Twilight ZoNE NoW…
    It’s true there are Two Twilight Zones.. the Good
    Place and That Other Place.. A Dirt Nap Place …(yuck)… i choose LiFE NoW
    Of course i am still Just a little infant All infants who experience Love choose Life…:)


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