As a New Yorker, you are patiently inpatient

I am a bit saddened that the Yankees will not be in the World Series as it had seemed so promising. I will have to find other New York things to cheer about. Which is not a hard thing for me to do at all. Although, I occasionally do have moments of exasperation. For instance, to go five miles the other day, it took 35 minutes. In New York, you have to be patiently inpatient. It’s a remarkable frame of mind. You can pace, curse under your breath, or try to find a shortcut. Yet, you will still move slowly in a quick manner. Time has a different vibe in New York. And, there is mo way to explain to someone who has never experienced New York.

A few weeks ago, a colleague who goes quite frequently to New York noted they love the city but sometimes it is just too much. They then went on to describe how parking lots work in New York in that it takes hours to get your car out. That can be true. When we used to park our car in a lot, we would call ahead of time to let them know we would be coming to grab the car. Here’s the deal. You tend to not use your car with any frequency. Parking lots are small. Thus, they pile cars up on top of each other. You can see why you have to call ahead of time. My colleague was completely flabbergasted by how cars are parked. To me it’s normal. And, it is part of the mindframe of being patiently inpatient.

I had to recently stay at a hotel in New York because of the distance between meetings. As I looked out the window, I saw I was over a parking lot.

I started to giggle and shake my head. I see you New York. I hear the exasperated honking. I see people running to make the train. I see the long lines for that fried egg, ham, and cheese on a roll. We wait. But we do so inpatiently. It’s the New York charm.

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  1. SMiLes Over Crowded
    Parking Lots Are A lot
    Like Attention Spans
    When They Get
    Too Crowded We
    Stop Using
    Them Not
    Unlike Our
    As the ‘Dunbars
    Numbers’ Miss
    A Look Back
    With SMiLes
    ‘Call of the Wild’
    Hehe Hidden
    In the
    For Now..;)


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