Does legacy matter anymore?

This past week, I passed a sign at an organization proudly noting that their community legacy matters. And, to me it most surely does. When we have children, we quite often think of our legacy. They represent us going forward. We pass on our values to them. We ostensibly care about what we are leaving behind for them. Yet, as I passed that sign I wondered if the notion of leaving behind a legacy is no longer potent.

Hear me out.

We are living in interesting times to say the least. We are living in a time of great technological advancement. We need a cab? We need not flag one down or call one. We click a button and we track a car coming to pick us up. We want a new book? We can click a button and quite possibly get one delivered to us that same say. Technology has helped fast forward our lived lives. We don’t have to wait for much these days. And, in an instantaneous world, we are focused on the here and now. How much can we cognitively dedicate to how we will be remembered 40 years from now?

A newscaster this am asked if certain attributes will be part of a particular group’s legacy. I’m purposefully not stating the specifics as those are not part of my point here. But the question was a good one? Where do people stand in terms of how much they care about their legacy? I suppose, if one considers Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, legacy concerns are for those who are fairly self-actualized. Those who are secure in their footing. If you are focused on “survival” legacy may be an aafterthought.

Although, I know that for me integrity and legacy go hand in hand. I do want to leave behind a legacy my son can look to and be proud of. He is my mirror. We all need such a mirror even in this fast paced world.

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  1. According to Maslow, a Secular Scientist; and
    Fowler, a Methodist Scientist; Love That is Transcendent
    And Seeks the Welfare off all as Agape Love will be and IS A
    Capstone of Pyramid And Legacy unto itself of Human Potential All..
    This Love is the Love For All that Serves All without Condition all the
    Dark and
    May possibly
    Bring this Agape
    Love For All Pinnacle
    of Human Success in what
    We may Call Life as is for all of us now..
    Smiles for all practical intents and purposes
    almost impossible to ascend and transcend like
    this until we become loose of all Material and Money
    Related External Gains.. after All We All Created that
    Obstacle while Destroying the Only Home We Have
    Love that transcends and ascends that Hell that
    Reality We Create is Heaven the Child
    Building Sand Castles of
    Love Reborn
    Again always
    Different to
    Color Love more..
    Smiles.. A Measure of How
    Self-Actualized in the Legacy of
    Human Love Born on Date as is is..
    is a measure of who leads the Group
    Lover or Joker Now true.. but again
    just a bit of dark struggle for people to
    see as True.. Dark Legacies are as important
    to Achieve as Light ones as they may wake us
    Up for the Struggle to awake more toward Light
    It doesn’t seem like Adolph Was dark enough now
    We have Trump Just a wake up call for a rapture closer to a Legacy of Love..
    hmm.. We aren’t blowing each other up nearly as much since Adolph Just the
    of how
    Dark Makes Light
    Smiles not Much Different
    than George the Second this
    Adolph will waken up Love again too..
    if We can and will only find a way to keep
    Love the Legacy for all..
    so We Dance
    so We
    a Different
    Way to LighT AGain..
    It’s really easy to become
    A Legend Just be brave enough
    to Dance where ‘they’ Burn Rock and Roll
    Records.. where they Threaten to Shoot Immigrants..
    where i Live ‘Foot Loose Town’ still waiting for a Savior.. for their own Soul Now…
    Honestly it’s a bit of a Miracle that People call me Legend in real life as a common
    occurrence when i go out randomly now.. all i did was F in Dance honestly we live
    in a really
    when someone
    becomes Legend
    Just to Dance Free
    without making a Penny..
    Just goes to show how low the
    Bar has been stolen to reach Heaven now..
    If it’s Heaven and it doesn’t Make Money and
    it’s free it can’t exist in this World Now..
    very rarely
    i see for sure..
    Note the Length of my
    Dance is congruent with
    the Level of inspiration i receive
    as i dance and sing some folks see
    that as a compliment some folks do not..
    one thing for sure i know is Michelangelo, Mozart, Einstein
    And Van Gogh, would have never done a dam thing of Legacy on Twitter if born again..
    Sure as that applies to Jesus, and Buddha, and Lao Tzu with the attention span of
    a Gold Fish too
    as Science assesses
    that now at less than 3 seconds..
    on average of something but not much at all….
    It’s almost impossible to leave a literal legacy
    without focus and that is what is lacking most
    in our Twitter World A Nature of the Beast of Instant Gratification.

    With All That Said As Far As i See..
    A Greatest Legacy Is A Smile that
    Lasts That Parents Give Children
    And Yes Others May Volunteer..:)

    And Those 3 Lines Will Most Definitely Fit on Twitter…
    May Be A Long Path to Get to Heaven but A Destination may be [SMiLE] that lasts now


  2. It is very important to me to leave a written legacy. The first volume of Pride’s Children, PURGATORY, is published, and I moved a long distance to find a better place to finish the trilogy.

    I have strong reasons for writing about a story where a person with a chronic illness is the lynchpin, and not in the ‘enabling other people to be happy’ way that so many novels do.

    When people hear/read ‘disabled character’, or ‘chronically ill character,’ their minds are flooded by stereotypes I despise. This is my way of reminding my readers that ‘human’ is the only descriptive which matters about these characters.


  3. I think the purpose of living at all is to try to leave a gentle and comforting shadow, to give hope in such grim times through art or charity. People who don’t care have just given up and they are dangerous.


  4. Legacy like fairness are matters best left to individuals. Legacy of a corporation or a brand is perhaps applicable, but more because no one has, to my knowledge, created an appropriate word for it. Corpracy, maybe? Legacy by definition means the money you leave behind. But I think you are talking about what and how we did things in our lives, what we believe, and what benefit did our being here bring to others. Setting an example. Thank God my grandchildren didn’t see me in my twenties, but I learned a lot from making mistakes. Will I leave them money? Yes, but I’d rather they see how I lived than how much money I made; after all I lost more money and learned more making mistakes, so should they. While companies and corporations are legal entities, our country is set up to make individuals become legacy makers. American life was intended to be about building things, creating, improving them for everyone — not just make money. Corporations, trades and companies were originally intended to be a stepping stone to self-proprietorship with land, animals, trading and working with our neighbors. I want that neither from corporations or government.


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