Throwing the dress away

I try not to be wasteful. Growing up poor, I’ve understood how things need to be reused. But I will readily admit that I don’t readily do leftovers. Here is the thing. I’m fairly scared of food poisoning. I have suffered horrific bouts and ended up in the emergency room. One time, after I ate some leftover chinese food, I ended up in the emergency room for New Year’s Eve. Another time I ended up in the ER after eating some chick peas from a buffet. Till this day, just thinking about chick peas makes me ill. I have seen first hand, how leftovers can be risky in terms of one’s exposure to possible food poisoning.

Besides leftovers, I try to be mindful of waste. I have shoes from 20 years back that are still in ok condition. Not bad, I must note. I also have handbags from over a decade ago. I say I try not to be wasteful bit others may say I’m a hoarder. That’s not the case, however.

This past week, despite my best intentions, I threw out a dress I just had worn for the first time ever. I was excited to wear it. It was a very funky, wistful dress. I put it on, looked in the mirror, and headed in. Then, a colleague noted that the side zipper had ripped. I had no idea what to do. Another colleague gave me about 10 safety pins and ssid that I could just pin it from the inside along the seam. I had no idea what that meant. I went to the restful and gave it my best try. Then, yet another colleague came in and had me show her my masterpiece which was not a masterpiece. Apparently, I failed miserably.

She then took my dress and fixed it all up. It looked lovely. I had a great day in my eye-catching dress. I then went home. After 10 minutes figured out how to take it off. Then, I took out the safety pins and threw the dress away. Sometimes, you can’t recreate other peoples work. Sometimes, done is done. Sometimes, it is just best to throw the dress away.

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  1. “Sometimes done is done.” My wife has a two day rule on leftovers, mine is more like a 3 day. Pizza doesn’t stay leftover long enough to worry about it. And tools? They’ll stay around even if I have to build another shed to fit them in. Funny how we can’t let go. But that was a nice dress.


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