Doing my summer cleaning as Winter is coming

Let’s be clear. Summer is almost over. I already received my son’s September lunch menu selection. We are already contemplating his after school activities. And, I just calendarized winter break. Winter is coming. Forgot autumn. Luckily I finally got my act together and made an appointment to renew my passport. I had a brain freeze and didn’t do this earlier even though I had grand, lofty plans to travel internationally this summer. Instead I’ve gone to Key West, DC, and Puerto Rico. And will be going to Chicago and Myrtle Beach. So, I haven’t stood still. And, with that it is now time for me to clean.

With all my comings and goings, I am finally standing still for a few seconds. And, I am going to focus on order. Specifically, setting order to my life, things, and house. I need to clean house in all meanings of that phrase.

People talk often of spring cleaning. I never do it. I sometimes think about it. But I often just ignore such a thought. What is the point of spring cleaning? It is a longstanding, historical practice. One can clean things better at the spring onset when you no longer need thd hot furnaces. Or that’s one thought behind spring cleaning. Me, I like heat year round. Onwards.

I like summer cleaning. Let me explain. I have been out and about. I have not put much thought into vacuuming, dusting, or anything house-related. I haven’t been around that much. I’ve been busy. But now, I’m standing still and summer will soon be over. Then autumn will be gone in a blink of an eye and the dreaded, cold dark winter will soon be upon us. I might as well prepare now for winter’s arrival. Although, honestly, I hope I go on my long-awaited trip. It may not be Iceland but let’s see where we land. I’m ready to do my summer cleaning and dream of places far, far away. Now, if only I knew where my vacuum was.

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  1. Summer cleaning, Spring cleaning, Winter cleaning etc etc
    All horrible annoying but I’ll get it done (hopefully) but at least Christmas cleaning is optional, depending on how the year goes and if I don’t reward myself with ropeless bungie jumping lessons
    I hear its quite easy to master!

    I will dredge my own will to clean back into play tomorrow morning so I can enjoy a day off, until then a two o’clock blitz on the washing up will do for now!


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