You moved the hands way forward

Maybe your space was not mine to occupy

You invited me

You encouraged me

Then I came to an understanding

Despite your entreaty

I was never meant to be there

I waved hello and

My clock started running

Don’t fool yourself that there was no clock

There was, and

You moved the hands way forward

You did so in your sleep

On the treadmill

At the kitchen table

You get no reprieve from your conscious

Day in and day out

You will know you stymied the clock

You begged for forgiveness from the dead

But I own this clock

Come back to plead your case

once you stop dreaming of robots

Meanwhile, I exist in your puddle of shame

And, I enjoy jumping in puddles

I lick my lips at your dimunitive soul

You are small

You are a coward

You are a false exalter

Take your loathsome self to the laundry

But your evil can’t be washed away

Tick tock

Evil smock

Tick tock

You won’t ever sleep

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  1. ThiS is Kinda Amazing if THiS iS
    About ‘the EviL iNsomNiA’ NoW
    i Just Wrote A Poem About ‘Her’
    too i Had to Employ CHaoS MaGiC
    ‘Sleeping Beauty’
    Anyway.. ‘Small Big World’..;)

    OBTW hehe
    All 7.1 MiLLiON
    Words of My Word
    Press Website IS A LonG
    Form Epic CHaOS MaGiC
    PRaYeR Poem Hmm…
    Do You
    Believe iN
    MaGiC Rhetorical
    Question on ‘Ferris
    Bluer’s Continuing Day Off’.. hAHa..;)


      • Well Since you Asked Google Provides a Lengthier (maybe hehe)
        Description But Chaos Magic is Employing Symbols
        to Amplify the Force of Belief Scientifically Labeled
        as Placebo of Course.. Chaos Magic again is more about
        Essence than form in other words no strict rituals or guidelines
        apply from Before like Bible Verse Restricted Thoughts and Stuff like
        that Science Shows that
        through Visualization we
        Will actually Imagine Our
        Selves Exercising and that
        Mind over Matter practice of
        Creativity Will Actually Bring
        Empirically Measurable results
        in Gains of Strength with no actual
        Physical Exercise to account for the
        Positive Impact of Mind over Matter this
        Way.. The Power of the Mind is truly Watered
        Down in a Spoon Fed Culture of Facts and Figures
        from Birth where Barney the Purple Dinosaur doesn’t
        give Children
        as much
        to Explore the
        Depths of Feelings
        And Senses that Bring
        Amazing Powers of Change and
        Healing Both Internally With Emotions
        And Senses And in Greater Creativity
        And Productivity as even the Experience now
        of Flow like a Child who Builds an increasingly
        Complex Sand Castle at the Beach Where Grains
        of Sand Work Together from the Mind to Create a Castle
        of Delight.. SMiLes Science Shows Flow Brings increases
        iN Creativity and Productivity 400 to 500 Percent but imagine
        Just imagine what’s Possible when we look Within and Build
        Sandcastles out of Grains of Sand from Birth to Death.. Smiles
        my Friend i am building one now it never ends with Dance and Song always
        STaRTinG NoW Chaos MaGiC in Flow is very little Constructual Pre-planning..
        Shape of my Sand
        Castles are
        only fumes
        of Bliss
        and Nirvana
        as i carry on effortlessly
        Dancing and Singing a Tight Rope
        Now in other words the words don’t matter
        For Chaos Magic Will Change Grains of Sands into Castles..
        Think of it this Way if you Will A Smallest Sea Creature the Nautilus
        Builds a Milky Way Spiraled Work of Art by only innate instinct and intuition
        as far as Nautilus Minds and Bodies Dance and Sing what is Left is a True Masterpiece
        of Art and as irony will have it a Nautilus Shell lasts 300 Million Years in the Fossil Record
        about as long as any ArTiFacT the Human Species Will Leave Behind if We Blow our Selves
        All Up as Nature Will Consume And Refresh the Living Earth after our demise this way.. while
        we take an Eighth of the Rest of the Living Species of Animal and Plants away extinct in the
        just the next Few Decades by the Virus of our Cultures.. Smiles my Friend the tiny Nautilus
        Leaves a Work
        of Art
        for 300 Million
        Years while Humans
        Like Zombies Eat the
        Face of the Living Earth
        Taking and Hoarding so
        much more than Giving and
        Sharing Planting More Trees of
        Life than We take Away.. Science shows
        as we move from Flow to an Autotelic State
        of being through Bio-Feedback Really being in touch
        with our Emotions and Senses through a practice of
        Still or Moving Meditation as free now as we wanna make
        it out of Mechanical Cognition through this Social Empathic
        Artistic Creative Way of Cognition we come to Generate and
        Balance our own perceived ‘Perfect’ Levels of Neurochemicals
        And Neurohormones A Key is to look within now without eyes and
        ears to find Answers now that work for each and every one of us
        to get A Real
        true Magic
        of Life
        Love For all..
        smiles my friend
        that Comes from a
        Happy Place within..
        the More people that
        Master this way of life
        the less need there is for
        Zombies to Eat the Face of the Living Earth..
        The Rest of the Animal Kingdom Focuses on one
        increasingly complex activity and not a Shot Gun
        Approach of Abstract Constructs coming in yes Flow and
        Balance is the Way of Nature and while Nature may seem
        like Chaos to Square Angles on Buildings Nature continues to
        Spiral in Flow one day it seems at this Point to Consume the Cancer
        of our
        And end this
        Current Reign
        of Zombie Apocalypse
        Human Cultures unless the
        Human Species Moves Back to
        the Original Greek Definition of ‘Apocalypse’
        Lifting so many Veils of Ignorance the Clothes of
        Culture that Hide the Nature of our Inherited Existence
        with the Rest of Nature in Flow of Spiraling Balance.. smiles
        anyway my Friend Just another Day in the Life of a Sand Castle now..:)


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