Don’t tell them how cheap it was

As I wrote this, I am laying out by the pool in the Florida Keys. It is one of the few places I havent been to in the US. I’ve been to all 50 states except Alaska. And that became both slightly harder and easier to do. Harder because I am back east. Easier because there is a direct flight from here to Alaska. But as I got up to throw away garbage (because I don’t expect others to do it for me) a lady noted that she loved my dress. And it is a lovely pink polkadot dress. So lovely, I just bought one on blue. Although, the pink one is cuter. I thanked her for the compliment and was about to tell her I bought it for super cheap on Amazon when I caught myself. I went back in time to advice I got at a gala a few years back.For a few years in a row I was attending galas. Both as a staff and as a potential donor. I love and hate galas. I hate the small talk and “just ok” food. I like working them because I get amped up and become frenetic. And, I like being in such a state of being. I also love silent auctions and outbidding people. I’m quite competitive that way. But most importantly I them because I get to dress up. And, I go all out. I hit Nordstrom’s for my fancy, lovely dress. Which more often than not will be in the purple color family. Now, while I will spend a pretty penny on a dress, I try to find a shoe bargain. And, I totally get into such a shopping experience.

A few years back, I bought this super wonderfully fashion-forward silver shoes. They are quite eye-catching. And, I walked up and down the aisles and with quite a lot of pomp when I went onto the stage to give my speech. But I think my shoes stole the spotlight. Many complimented me on my speech but even more noted my shoes. I then, without thinking, noted to one of the individuals that I paid next to nothing for them. And the fashionista said to me that I should not havd made such a comment. He found it gouache. He told me that the shoes were fabulous and let that be the only thing people heard. Message received.

See, I pride myself on my bargains. But apparently there is a time and place to brag about those. Lesson learned. Fast forward to today. I kept my mouth shut and gave my dress an extra twirl. It is a very nice dress and it will speak for itself.

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  1. I do that too, always brag about getting a good deal. And now my daughter does too. I think it would be interesting to see if I can catch myself before the price tumbles out.


  2. HAha i’m so Cheap i Went to “Whataburger”
    And Changed the Free Water Dispenser into
    Lemonade However it seems i pressed the
    Button too Hard And Broke ‘the Mechanism’..:)

    Isn’t It Funny How Everything
    We Value Is Manufactured
    WiTHiN And often Spoon-Fed First..:)

    HAha Baby
    Food CuLTuRE
    We STill LiVE iN NoW..;)

    FolkS in Heaven iN 3rd World Countries
    First World Problems OPPoSinG Hell Within…

    Par For A CourSE
    Like Five ‘Facebook
    StatUSes’ All For Free
    NoW Just ‘Bye’ ‘By’ Buy CHeap SKatie DiSCounT me..;)


  3. It is gauche – and an almost irresistible impulse. Gauche, because it makes the person who commented feel awkward – they’ve now praised something worth nothing.

    But one loves to share getting a bargain. Best kept for close family and friends, they tell me.

    Many of us are so needy that a sincere compliment makes us want to become fast friends with this lovely person. I know I am, anyway – introverts have that problem, and writers have it exponentially compounded, and I am both.

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