It’s a short, short summer

Strange voices are saying
(What did they say?)
Things I can’t understand


Yes, most definitely strange voices are talking to me. They are telling me all sorts of odds and ends. They are telling me I need to step it up. But I counter that I always have. Now is no different. Except I now know which battles to pick and when to strike so I sm not seen coming. I’m also hearing (clearly so) that the summer is rapidly coming to an end. Unfairly so, I might add. And this flower on the Washington, DC mall reminds me thus.

The summer always goes by so quickly. Although, truth be told spring seems to pass by in the blink of an eye

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  1. You had spring? You were lucky. But seriously… this is a good post and I too have reached a point in life where I choose my battles carefully and approach them with stealth.


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