If you stand for nothing don’t expect my respect

I keep my politics to myself. Although, I am a fierce advocate. When I put my mind to a cause I will work and fight hard. Everytime I have been happy at a job, it was because there was a larger cause than just the immediate metrics. I believe in numbers, accountability, and performance measurement. One needs to prove impact as it cannot just be high ideas with no real outcome. For some people a job is just a job. And, that is ok. But what about when you are at the supermarket, movie theatre or the circus? You are always embedded in a context and in a particular point in time. You are always part of something bigger. As such, you should stand for something.

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  1. I stand for a lot of things, but it has only been recently that I have allowed myself to express some of these thoughts publicly.

    Authors are warned not to publicly go after politics and religion, because it may lose them readers. But I have decided that the readers it might cost me to be more outspoken are readers I don’t want. Ever. I don’t even want them reading my words that can be purchased in a public place.

    I’m still not going to make a big deal about it, and I’ve avoided large groups my entire life, but it is a time in history where NOT taking a stand against the despots of the day is exactly the same as being on their team.

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  2. i Have a Dream.. hmm.. perhaps more Correctly Put A Vision.. YeS EveN A Prophecy..
    6 Years ago i Intuited a Comet Coming to Hit the Ocean to Bring A tSUNaMi of Love True
    A Tidal Wave is impressive but a tSUNaMi is Further Reaching.. anyway oh my Gosh Celebrating
    A 6th Anniversary of a Miraculous Recovery from the Pain and Numb of 19 Medical Disorders on a
    Beach 6 Years ago on 7.19.13.. My Wife Purchased me a Shirt to Celebrate this Event at the Metro
    Dance Hall and while it was not about an ‘Apocalypse’ it was a ‘CaTastrophe’.. Yes a Huge Yellow
    Cat Comet Splashing in the Ocean True it was an Added Crowd Pleaser as i went about
    my RamPaGE Dance Spree as usual into the Wee Hours of the Morning.. appropriately
    today on the 6th Anniversary in Moving From a Place of Hell for 66 Months of Shut-in
    Hellness to a Truly Heavenly Dance and Song State of Being on that Beach that
    continues to LivE oN Now..
    okay.. now that that is out
    of the Way what could the
    Underlying Meaning be
    true that wasn’t
    ‘Goose’.. Captain
    Marvel’s Cat coming
    Down as Far as i know
    as a Massive Cat Comet..
    but then i PaWsed and thought
    About World and Cultural Events
    and i said Yes that must be it the
    ‘Lion King Movie’ is opening up today
    Where Hopefully the Movie Will Provide a Bit
    More of a Clue for what makes the Difference Between
    a ‘Simba Hero’ and a ‘Scar Villain’ and then perhaps everyone
    Will Take a Stand of Hope and Love Over Fear and Hate as A
    New Lion King comes to inspire the World Again.. yes i stand up
    for ‘the Lion King’ there is no Use covering up the ScarS anymore Oh
    Gosh ‘Scar’ is already in the News We Need more Lion Kings off-Screen too..;)


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