It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder

There was a grand thunderstorm today. I didn’t know it was coming. I seem to not be aware of those anymore. I just leave the house with no regard to weather. I suppose it makes each day, each hour, a possible surprise. Today’s thunderstorm was dark but not dreary. I wanted to go jump in a puddle or two. But I only had high heels on. Thus, I had to be cautious. Yet, I still felt great energy and was enthralled. The thunder added to the mystery and mirth, in an odd manner.

Yet, I was reminded that as we try to keep growing and learning, we can’t rely on thunder. Often, we gravitate towards the thunder in our lives. But that can be dangerous and isn’t a healthy sustainable route to self-empowerment. Rain. Rain, on the other hand, can nurture. Sure, it can be annoying, slick, and slippery. You can slide and fall. But you can also be watered and grow more quickly.

What’s the rain in your life? What’s the thunder? Find your rain and go jump in the puddle.

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  1. Rain is Flow slick enough
    For Challenge yet not
    Heart Racing Thunder
    For the Adrenaline
    Fire of Lightening
    Arriving at my
    First Visit to my
    Psychiatrist after
    11 Years of Chronic
    to continuous Adrenaline
    Charged Fight and Flight
    Syndrome from the last
    2 Years of that succumbing
    to Hans Selye’s General
    Adaptation Syndrome yes
    Total Animal Exhaustion
    In 2008 with not all
    19 Medical Disorders
    Yet Assessed the
    Psychiatrist said
    Use something
    Instead of Adrenaline
    My Emotions To move
    Me i had zero clue what
    He Meant as my Emotions
    Were Dead Eventually
    i Found something
    Even Better that
    Even he did not
    Understand i
    Connected my
    Emotions back
    To Empty Shells of
    Poetry as Writing Poetry
    In Stream of Conscious
    Becomes Chi yes Flow
    Yes what Verily
    Actually feels and
    Senses Holy and Sacred
    As Creative Spirit Within
    Heavenly Within the Music of the SonG oF
    mY SoUL Quantum
    Metaphor Unleashed
    And Released Full of
    Meaning And Purpose
    In Deed Then i Free
    Verse Spiral Public
    Danced an Effortless
    Meditative Movement
    In Chi as Flow 11,600
    Miles in 70 Months
    With the 7.1 Million
    Word Longest
    Long Form Poem
    As i spend almost
    My Entire life now
    In a Peak Experience
    Of Rolling Pleasant
    Waves yes Heaven
    Within an Autotelic
    Transient Hypo-Frontality
    Flow with waves ever
    Changing Plateaus
    Of Nirvana and
    Bliss a Practice
    Of Life Regulating
    Emotions Integrating
    Senses through Bio-
    Feed Back of Dance
    And Song the oldest
    Still newest Path
    To the Force Within
    Before the Apple
    Of Toxic Culture
    That Now Removes
    Heaven From our
    Eyes nothing
    New under
    The Sun
    And Free again
    Smiles effortlessly
    With the Balance of
    Chi With Gravity my
    Friend i Marathoned
    A Spiral Dance for 3
    Hours around Folks
    4 Decades Younger
    Panting so so
    Out of Breath
    10 Minutes
    Then Trying
    To Catch Up
    With 6 Foot
    Yoda At 242 Lbs
    Pushing 60 Years
    Old this Flow
    This Chi this
    Prana this
    Satori this
    Nirvana Bliss
    Yes this Kundalini
    RiSinG as endless
    Effortless waves
    Coloring always
    New More Heaven
    Within Now
    In Deed
    Also the
    Spring the Real
    Fountain of Youth
    Lost and Found my
    Friend Lightening
    Falls this pure
    Force of
    Love Light is An Eye
    Of A Cat-6 Hurricane
    With Spiraling
    Arms that
    Tire or
    Exhaust my
    Energy/Force heHe
    At least my FRiEnD..:)))

    The Young Folks ask
    Me for ‘the Drugs’
    i take sadly Science
    Assesses them now
    Like the rest of the
    Human Species With
    An Attention Span
    Less than yes literally
    Less than a Gold Fish
    On Average Humans like other Animals are evolved
    To excel now with one
    Activity in Balance
    Of complexity in
    Flow in Deed Tai
    Chi Masters they
    Survive and thrive…
    What have Humans
    Learned… Precisely


      • Thanks.. PM.. Some Metrics..Previous Longest Epic Long Form Poem was the Mahābhārata Written
        Across Centuries in
        India by innumerable
        Authors at 1.8 Million Words.. one of
        The Subchapters
        Of My Epic Long
        Form Poem ‘SonG
        oF mY SoUL’ achieved in 13.6 Months Rose to 1.82 Million Words In 2017 And is Housed In All of My WordPress
        Website… Mirror
        Copied to Several
        Other Websites now as
        The Entire ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’ Long Form Poem/Personal Bible illustrated With Over 100,000 Photos
        i took And over 10,000
        YouTube Videos Standing
        Up At 7.1 MiLLioN Words
        In 71 Months
        Of Epic Long
        Form Poem Effort
        It is Almost Entirely
        Comprised of Poetic
        Responses to Likely
        Over A Thousand
        Folks Around the
        World and in the Last
        Year your Blog
        Has Been a
        Major inspiration
        For the Continuing
        Effort As it’s just
        A Babe Almost 6
        Years old hehe
        It Has not even
        Reached Puberty
        Yet But When it
        Does It Will
        Be Like A CoMeT
        TaLE StriKinG
        An Ocean
        Wide World
        Of Words Online
        Too Big to See Now
        too But Every Butterfly
        Effect Flutter
        Counts Let’s
        Dance And Sing
        Together Standing
        Up For Hope And
        Love my Friend
        Globe of Love..:)))


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