Have this nagging feeling: This meeting will accomplish nothing

I had to have two large lattes and a diet Pepsi to try to wake up. My eyes could hardly stay open. I was hungry. Very hungry. That could have been why I couldn’t focus. Or it could have been because I was so tired. Train rides at 7am are just mind-numbing and soul sucking. Everyone looked like a zombie. We were going through some odd motions.

As I was trying to quickly drink my latte so I could wake up, and so I could then do work, and so I could then do more work….Oh, where was I going? Yes, as I was quickly ingesting caffeine, I overheard my train-ride neighbors talking. At first, it all sounded like Charlie Brown muffled talk. Then, I heard a key phrase and I jolted up.

I smiled and my ears perked up further. I hearx one of the men say “I havd this nagging feeling that this meeting will accomplish nothing.” I wanted to chime in and assure him that he was right. Of course, I knew nothing of his upcoming meeting. I knew he was on a 7am train to go to the meeting. And, that’s all I needed to know. Of course, the meeting would be a waste of time. Over 80% of meetings are. Why should a meeting you have to down multiple cups of coffee for while traveling over a hundred miles be of any use?

Before I could insert myself into the conversation to agree with him, his colleague noted “It’s just verbiage; assuming that they don’t change course at the last minute.” I wanted to chime in and note that of course the possibility of last minute changes were entirely possible.

I didn’t chime in, of course. I never intended to. But in my head, I carried that conversation with them. And, I woke up. I started replaying in my head scenes from the movie Office Space. Specifically, I started thinking of Peter’s meeting with the Bobs. That’s all I have to say on that.

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  1. When I was a Battalion Operations Officer in the US military, time suck was a huge concern. Once I removed the chairs around the conference room table, things moved along much more quickly. I didn’t even have to remind people my meetings by default were limited to one hour.


  2. When People Become
    NumBers Empathy Leaves
    And HeArts Become Numb
    And Disposable Objects..
    During 911 That
    Infamous Day
    That Arabs
    Towers Yes
    So-Called Friends
    And some of the
    Pilots who went
    Through Trusted
    Training at the
    Navy Station
    Where i was A Manager
    At A Military Meeting
    Facilitated by a Real
    NumBers Guy the
    Department Head
    He said chances
    Are Many
    More NumBers
    Of Bombings
    Are Coming
    Pay that no
    To the
    Job Status
    No clue that at
    Least one Manager
    Was Still New Having
    A HeART of DisGust
    That someone
    Could be
    So Cold
    To Treat the
    Human Condition
    As A NumBers GaMe Again
    Where We Tread on
    The HeART of others
    So so Far From
    Hearts who
    With no Soul
    i spent 6 more
    Years until
    i became
    A NumBers
    GaMe Just to be
    AbUsed for Selfish
    Gain my Name
    May not
    Be Peter
    But it Gets
    Old Hearing
    Roosters Crow
    PS.. i had to Google
    The “Meeting with the
    Bob’s” Yes the Memory
    Is still too Fresh and
    Recent to forget
    To never
    Be Slave
    To A NumBers
    GaMe EveR AGaiN..:)


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