Be careful of going down with the ship when the captain swims away

What I have come to learn in life is that sometimes people have misplaced loyalty. They are loyal to people who just may not be loyal back. We have all seen this time and time again. Many moons and a decade ago, a team member (person y) thought that others would hold the line when push came to shove. Person Y decided to put themselves out there and make a case on behalf of the group. The person served as a defacto union representative or a Captain of a ship. But they weren’t. And, the others kept their mouths shut. I know this all sounds vague. The details truly don’t matter. What matters is that no one backed up Person Y even though said individual was trying to help them. You know what they say about good deeds.

Loyalty is currency. And the economy can be tight. You need to make sure you spend and allocate your currency wisely. It’s great to have loyalty to people. I prefer to have loyalty to ideals and a moral compass. But that’s just me. But it should be others as well.

Before pledging blind loyalty at no matter the cost, you should consider the cost. And, the aftermath. Who will stand with you in a sinking ship? I believe in fighting for a just cause. But it needs to be just and not about ego. There’s always a storm brewing but one need not get caught up in them all. A Captain is supposed to stay with a sinking ship. If it’s a good captain you tough it out with them. You do what you can. But make sure that captain is not going to jump ship and swim away leaving you alone to navigate the muddy waters.

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  1. This was an excellent, and for me very timely, post. It definitely reflects a situation that I am going through right now and I appreciate your perspective. Definitely gives me something to think about and is also a reminder that even this negative situation will change and evolve at some point.


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