I’m sorry but I’m not sorry for you

They say you reap what you sow

And, for you it’s doubly so

You sold out for a quarter

And, and you got dropped like a dime

You created a false persona with that mug

You were bent on being a prop

You thought you could ride it out to glory

While pretending to cry for the injured

Your brow furrowed on cue

And your lips pursed correctly

But you never intended to have anyone’s back but your own

Some bought your act

Others knew you for what you truly are

And now you are mad, sad, and a passing fad

You are done and gone

Burnt just as you had seen others suffer

But your tears fall on deaf ears

May you find peace in knowing the truth

Knowing you got what you deserved

But here’s this bit, and may it calm you,

So will the others

Meanwhile, you get no pity

For you sewed up your fate a while ago

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