I don’t want to walk around in fog, but I can’t see my phone

I have been having a hard time with my eyes the last 8 weeks. Since the age of seven, I have worn glasses. Nerd chic! At some point, I started wearing contact lens and it felt so liberating to not have to wear my glasses. Although, I always have cool glasses as well. I like to mix it up.

Last year, I went to a new eye doctor who was perfectly nice. But, my contact lens didn’t feel right. Then my glasses kept getting dirty. I didn’t understand why my glasses were in a constant state of fogginess. Seemed bizarre. I would clean and wipe. Then five minutes later it was smudged. I had a feeling that an elf was going on messing with me. It was just putting its oily hands all over my lens. That was the only possibility for nothing else made sense. Right? Yes!

Fast forward to about eight weeks ago when I went to my old eye doctor who I loved but hadn’t seen in five years. He was great. He is great. I was sure that he would solve all my eye issues. Or rather all my corrective vision items. He felt he had a plan.

He undercorrected my left eye and correctly corrected my eye. A discrepancy between the two. I was skeptical but went along with it. Then I wasn’t thrilled. Luckily these were samples that I got to try out for three weeks. Then, I tried a new daily set of contact lens with the same discrepancy. The discrepancy still bothered me. Then we severely decreased the discrepancy.

I went out to a restaurant with the new set of contact lens in my eyes. My vision was sharp. I could see the whole restaurant in a very clear way. I was so excited. Then I tried to read the menu. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. It was a blur. I ordered a salad. When the salad arrived I dug right in. Yuck! It had blue cheese. I detest blue cheese. Yuck! Because I couldn’t read the menu, I didn’t know that the salad had blue cheese. I ended up eating a steak instead. And, I never eat steak. It’s not my thing. But I couldn’t see a thing. I couldn’t see the plate in front of me despite being able to see the bar, at the hack of the restaurant, very clearly. The room was sharp. My plate a blue. My phone screen a ghost.

Despite being able to have a sharp, at-large, view of the world, I have to go back to the larger contact lens discrepancy. I may have to walk around in a bit of a gig so that I can see my phone and write this bit. Apparently, there is no easy fix and something will have to give.

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  1. It was like a politician making a promise when you got the correction and saw things clearly. Everything comes with a price.
    An unfortunate mishap on the salad front but being a fellow myopic and having been there, hilarious 😂 B


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