Ain’t that right gibberish cat


I have a lovely dog. A spaz at that. He  goes from lovely hound to cudjoe in 3 seconds flat when he sees another dog in his universe. I cannot have cats although I was raised with two or three. Can’t remember how many as I was in a sneezing fog the whole time. Apparently, I have always been allergic to cats and yet time and time again I lived with one or two.   Now that I am an adult I clearly stay away from any cat that may cross my path. I don’t like to sneeze ad nauseum and I do like to breathe. Its a good thing afterall. Dogs are cuddly and make me giggle. I like dancing with my dog and having him think he is human. I wouldn’t mind a pig, though (well for just one day), so that I could say “that’ll do, pig. That’ll do.” In that vein, I wouldn’t mind a cat for just an hour or two so I could chase it around the house or have him chase me around the house while I am on a teleconference. During which time I would then turn to him and say

“ain’t that right, gibberish cat?”


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