They still wondered what was a honky-tonk girl

They toiled and climbed the way the seven dwarfs had done long ago. But now they were tall and strong and ready to take on the dragons, ducks, and bears. And evil. Cannot forget about evil. Their purpose was clear. Their mission set.

They had prepped for this day all of their lives. They were brought into this world with that singular purpose in mind. Last night they had their drinks and their dance. They had just learned line dancing and it was not what they had expected. In no way did it prepare them for what was to come in the next five minutes. But at least they had some fun. Now they were to take on the world for the sake of humanity. Although, they still wondered what was a honky-tonk girl.

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  1. Flabbergasted Finding Boy Ask
    Girl First Slow Dance Replaced
    By ‘Behavioral Sink Experiment’
    Girl Do Bootie Dance First…

    ‘They’ Found
    Google and Looked
    Up the phrase in Quotes…

    Note: From Author (Arthur)

    I’ve Been Studying You…
    i come ‘to Serve Human’…

    – ‘The Twilight Zone’
    (Circa 60’s)


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