Lint loves and begets lint

I did a quick load of laundry this morning. I suppose it’s a good thing that I tend to wake up at 5am. I have time to do random things. Many random things before 8am. I suppose it’s a good thing I tend to have two large cups of coffee before 6am. Then I go work out. Talk about adrenaline rush. I love being active. But by 2pm, I’m exhausted and can’t handle chatterboxes very well. I twitch and frown and start wishing for a genie to appear and grant me a wish for escape. But none of this is why I am writing.

I did laundry this morning. As I was cleaning out the lint trap I was taken back to a piece of household advice I received a long time ago. Well, I think I heard the advice bit on some television show. Maybe I read it somewhere. I really have no clue where I learned of this bit. See, when I first started doing my own laundry on my own (age 13 or so) I didn’t pull up the lint too well. It frustrated me. Then, I learned that the best way to pull lint out was too use other pieces of lint. Simple. Lint begets lint. Lint attracts lint. Lint loves lint. The same way you catch more flies wit honey than you do with vinegar, you can get lint out of the lint trap.

This is a form of love. Well, understanding what people love. It’s also a story of manipulation. Or maybe I’ve just had way too much coffee.

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  1. Smiles the Lint i bring to
    You today is Happy Valentines
    Yes i readily admit i am doing
    My Very Best to Manipulate
    You for a Smile for
    Each and every
    Day i appreciate the
    Fact that i
    Gain inspiration
    From the Blog Posts
    You Give and Share freely
    How Beautiful a World
    It is when
    Is no
    Part of
    Giving and Sharing
    Thank you on this Lovely
    Day Psychologistmimi and
    Manipulating SMiLes is
    Only Mission
    In Life in all
    The Colors of Sacred Love
    May Your Lint Ball of
    Love Tower Higher
    Empire State
    Building Where You Live..:)


  2. Never quite heard of lint playing such a role in the psychology of living, but brilliantly executed Mimi.
    I guess to catch a thief you need to think like a thief. It may have been ” Colombo”,TV’s badly dressed detective, who have you the clue.
    Nonetheless, your analogy makes great sense. B


  3. A lot of the problem is that 90% of the anime out there is about teenagers saving the world why they worry about the next round of tests. It is difficult for many adults to see even something as serious as Madoka Magika as worthy of an adult’s time.


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