She still didn’t know whether she was really her

Upon waking up she went into her bathroom closet to grab her medications. She then smelled this weird chemical odor and she sniffed around to find its cause.


She wondered if it was coming from her. She then wondered if she was dead. What proof did she have she was alive? It was all a headscratcher. She walked to the living room a tad bit lightheaded. She still didn’t know whether she was really here. She was frightened. She then went outside as she needed some fresh air. She grabbed a seat in the middle next to her two best friends. They had left that seat open for her as she has always been their connector. She grabbed their hands and squeezed them as the odd smell still lingered and she still questioned her reality.

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  1. To: Measure From: Reality
    Science Still No Way to
    Reliably ‘Weigh’ Human
    Consciousness Holding
    All That We i Am to Be NoW
    OLFacTorY Hallucinations as
    Real Smells
    Tree of Life
    We HaLLuCiNaTE
    DarK Through LiGHT
    As Neuro-Science SHows From:
    Best ConSumELiGHT to: Be i Am
    Perhaps i watch too much TedTalk


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