She kept thinking of the word “dragnet”



She had been up since 3am. She just couldn’t sleep.  She kept thinking of the word “dragnet” but she had no idea why that was so.  At first she thought she couldn’t sleep because of the 5 large cups of coffee she had consumed the day before.   But that was her norm. Well, more like 4. But one more couldn’t make such a difference.   No, it had to be something else.


She got up and made a fresh pot of coffee.  She drank it slowly and went to put on some clothes. She got into her car and drove and drove, until she felt she had to stop. She then walked for a mile and there she saw it. There was the car that had changed her life dramatically. The hood was the same. The trunk was just as she had last seen it. It was dark, eerie and bloody. Today was the anniversary.


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