Pet peeve: Sticky price stickers

I love shopping for shoes. I just do. I own one too many pairs. And, I am om with that. We each have our thing. My thing is shoes. I also like dresses. I like them a lot.  I need something to go with the shoes.  This past weekend, I was out shopping for shoes and dresses. Go figure. And, was super excited at my great finds. I also love finding bargains. I am one of those people who loves bragging about the great price I got. I thought most people were like that until I met someone who tended to brag about how high a price she paid for her items. I didn’t quite get why she would brag about that. I suppose she was trying to “show off”.   But to me finding something for a low price is where bragging rights come into play. I don’t have anything to prove in terms of inflating my purchasing power.  Anyway, back to my latest shopping expedition.


I bought a few pairs of shoes as well as a mirror.   I didn’t get to unpack them until a few days later. When I unpacked the mirror I was annoyed to find that the price sticker was one of those lame stickers that stay stuck to the surface. Those stickers that they place on your bargain shoes.  Can’t they afford good glue? Had to spend ten minutes to get the sticker off completely. What a waste. And it makes things look ugly. That’s my pet peeve for the week. That’s it. That’s it. Moving on.

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  1. Nice purchases. I’m a bargain buyer so I brag about cheap things and discount codes, I’d never flash off spending lots of money on something (as I never do)! Eugh yes, sticky labels are ridiculous on some things. Books, too, where you get all the sticky left on them when you’re trying to give them as a gift. Grrrr, it’s 2019, surely there’s a better form of stickiness that fully peels off by now!
    Caz xx


  2. LOL. I’m glad you stated you like to wear dresses to have something to get to go with your shoes. I would hate to find out that you got arrested for indecent exposure.😌🙈 I hate those sticky tags too.


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