Don’t let others take away your joy

My word for the year is “joy” and I am trying everyday to be joyful.   There’s something sweet, pure, and revolutionary in such an endeavor. It does take work, however. There are so many things that can potentially stand in the way of achieving joy. Even momentary joy.  Someone may misinterpret your words. Someone may cut in line in front of you at at the supermarket. Someone may decide to do a curse-ridden live snapchat while in line at Starbucks at 6am. Someone may spread ridiculous false rumors about you day in and day out. Someone may never say hello even when you are right in front of them. Someone may respond with a perfectly perfunctory response that invites no further conversation. Someone may eye your handbag a little too long while you are walking down the street. Someone may try to rob the dignity of those around you.  Someone may never remember your name no matter how many times you are introduced. Someone may actively conspire against you while you are in the next room. Someone may try to minimize your accomplishments so that they look better. Someone may try to minimize your accomplishments just to see that they could. Someone may blame you for all their bad luck. Someone. There will always be someone. But never let them take your joy away. Its yours. Its your to keep. To cherish.  To let run through your veins. 

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  1. Joy Hmn how’s about some skipping? You remember ! Skipping like when you were 5? Come on just because it’s silly. It could cause irisin release so all the rest of the walk just because… fib…. just to get that done might just be life improvement and smiles. Skip! Be it to your loo or thee loo.


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