Skipping out on your reality crash

You told yourself a nice little manufactured story

A story of brazen lies and innuendo

A bit to cast your faults onto others

Was caught in your spider web of holes

I threw it off like a moldy scarf

Your public pretense of care offensive

I’m leaving your crooked world

Not sticking around for the outrage

Skipping out on your reality crash

There is no safety net for a longstanding joker

I built my own parachute

Good luck in your dreams

The waves of realism will crash you ashore

And the bystanders will walk away

Alone in your dark theatre

May the light find you one day

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  1. Excuse me please as i tend
    to Turn pain into laughs
    These Days but by
    God this Sounds
    Like An Ode too
    To the Technical
    Commander in Chief
    Up top like other Folks
    In the News Perhaps it
    Would be better for all
    If his name is not spoken..;)

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    • Smiles Anne.. i don’t think PM
      was speaking about the
      Problem Child up top..
      And i just wanted to say
      i am the Frederick part of
      the Katrina Mia Wife and me team
      Online but it’s true folks used to bully
      me in School For Looking Androgynous
      then.. Hard to believe now that i also
      used to be a little
      boy with Autism
      who could not
      Speak until
      age 4.. i have a
      Weird kind of Autism.. the
      Empath Kind where i see everyone
      as Friend and Love them too but true the one ‘up
      top’ now is a Greatest Challenge.. yes.. even for me…
      You’d Be surprised how Hard it is to make Friends when
      you are
      about every thing..
      or perhaps you wouldn’t…
      And Perhaps you are a lot like me too..
      i Sense it from Here something About the Horse and You..
      Have A Great
      Day.. Animals
      will verily
      be our
      Greatest Friends too..
      i learned to speak in a Sing
      Song way and true my Friend
      i still do that in Writing too.. And
      i do Believe most all Humans Could
      too if they just really tried harder too..
      And yes By God Perhaps then they Will Love Everyone True..:)

      i Wear Rose
      it’s what i Just Do..:)


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