People can look into your soul everytime you open your mouth

It is amazing how many people do not think before they speak. I think we are advised from an early age that we should pause, listen and craft our messages. Sure, that becomes more and more nuanced from kindergarten onwards.

Some people may not be as tactful as they should be and blurt out hurtful or nonsensical things. Some people may not have filters and as a result can be quite entertaining. Some people just don’t care what comes out of their mouths as they pretend to be keeping it real.

What people should take into consideration, however, is that it’s not just your thoughts and opinions that people hear but they also can see into your soul when you speak. The root of your very essence and being is on display when you open up your mouth. You better own it and not just always claim to have misspoken.

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  1. That’s why I love reviews – when writing anything more than a few words, a reader lets you, and everyone else who is paying attention, know a great deal about how the reader thinks and acts. I even love the 1* and 2* reviews I have on Amazon (1 of each).


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