Time moves slowly inside a vortex

Stay calm




For it will change

Have patience

All that fluctuates will flatten

Have you ever felt that you were in the middle of a cyclone? Tornado? Everything spinning all around and around. And not in a good way like that Dead or Alive song. You know the one I am talking about. Right? Sometimes when you are caught up in neverending chaos you just need to stand still. Breathe. Take cover. Let the chaos spin itself out onto another path. Don’t try to fight a storm with a machete. It just won’t work. And the time may seem interminable but it will move on. Even though everything surrounding you is quickly spinning out of control time slows down inside the vortex. Need to center yourself. Know yourself. Hold true to your values and ideals.

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  1. Let me tell you about the one time I sought help from a therapist. For twelve sessions I unloaded all of the troubles in what I considered a very troubled life. All the while he made notes. Finally, on the last session either he or I felt I would ever need, he spoke. He listed each issue. He also listed how I handled each of them. Finally, he said in words I have never forgotten, “Barbara, look at the problems you’ve faced. Look at how you have always found a way up and out. Yes you may think your life is still a mess. Having problems does not make you a failure. You will deal with them as you have all of the others because you are a very gutsy lady.” I thanked him, paid him and went back to my troubled life where I, sometimes well and as often ill, solved each problem as it came up. In my case I found that all it took was someone pointing out to me that I do have strength, that I can face what life throws at me. I wish it could be as easy for others.


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