And, that feeling of calm is profound


There is a time when all anxiety is stripped from your core.   Or rather, there are a few times when that anxiety is stripped.   I am one of those odd extroverted introverts. Which means that I am shy but I can put on a good show. I am confident and let that break through the potential fog of shyness.   Before I go on the stage I am filled with anxiety, stomach pains and constant internal discussions. Then, I get on the stage and a calm washes over me and I get in a zone. Afterwards, I have to go run on the treadmill. But whatever. Exercise is good one.


Then there is another time of zen. And that is when I realize and come to terms with the fact that all I can do is the best I can. Thereafter, matters will be what they will be. It takes a lot to get to that moment of zen and clarity. If there are plusses and minuses to a situation then either way I cannot lose. I either get a lot of plusses or I avoid a lot of minuses. That to me is calming. I wish I could reach such a state of thought more often, honestly. I would be so much free if I kept such a perspective in my back pocket and took it out in moments of turbulence.


I am often described as a perfectionist. However. I have learned to drive myself further but to also come to terms where there is no where left to go with something.


I know that it all sounds cryptic and vague. But what I am trying to convey is that there are times when a calm washes over one after intense moments of anxiety. And, that feeling of calm is profound.   It takes a lot of honest reflection to get to such a point but that payoff is unbelievable. Feeling a weight lifted off one’s shoulder’s is almost as good- better than-a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream.   Or whatever it is that gives you immense satisfaction. So, I say go for it. Reach for that mental zone of Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Ice cream. It’s delicious and enlightening.

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  1. I understand exactly what you mean about being in a place of calm and the wonderful feeling that comes with that calm. I have experience that level of calm. Like you in the past it took nothing for me to get uptight because I like things perfect. I like perfection. I will drive myself to the “bones” for perfection. It’s like perfection gives me satisfaction so like a drunky I always trying to reach that high. Reaching that high has made me intense and intense most of the time is only fun for the person being intense. It is not fun most times for those on the receiving end so calm was not a word I would in the past associate with me. But then I met a friend that showed me how to be calm 24/7. I am still a go getter. I still requires perfection ( mostly now from myself) but I no longer live in the land of feeling “low” most of the time. I now live in the land of calm. By the way I call calm peace. So I know live in the land of peace. My story now is that I live in the ecstasy of peace and I honestly hardly have “low” days anymore but I am still me. Thank you for sharing. I understood you perfectly.


  2. Transient Hypo-Frontality also
    Understood as Flow..
    Yes.. Possible to
    Attain in Free
    Flow Dance
    Free Flow
    Writing Always
    Now.. Mountain
    Climbers Do this too
    But not me with only Fear
    Of Heights.. Oh Yeah.. An
    Autotelic State of Being is
    Also when one Generates
    Happiness Within Achieving
    The Kingdom
    Of Flow
    Hand Within As
    It Is No Longer
    A Secret Now that
    Heaven is Real Now
    And Close As A Spiraling Dance
    As We Literally Are A Milky Way..:)


  3. I was similar when I worked, until I was driven to quit working for the twit from whom I first heard this quote: “Perfect is the enemy of good.” I heard this more times from him than I care to remember now, 4 or so years down the road of my generally happy and contented retirement.

    I imagine you have heard this quote before, but I took the time (a benefit of aging/retirement which I came to appreciate as a result of trying to satisfy the requirements of the twit and our mutual employer at the time) to search out its origin as well as this article from Psychology Today which you may appreciate given your line of work.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”

    — Confucius, attrib.[1]

    Perfect is the enemy of good, or more literally the best is the enemy of the good, is an aphorism which is commonly attributed to Voltaire, who quoted an Italian proverb in his Dictionnaire philosophique in 1770: “Le meglio è l’inimico del bene”.[2] It subsequently appeared in his moral poem, La Bégueule, which starts[3]

    Dans ses écrits, un sage Italien
    Dit que le mieux est l’ennemi du bien.

    (In his writings, a wise Italian
    says that the best is the enemy of the good)

    Aristotle, Confucius and other classical philosophers propounded the principle of the golden mean which counsels against extremism in general.[4] The Pareto principle or 80–20 rule explains this numerically. For example, it commonly takes 20% of the full time to complete 80% of a task while to complete the last 20% of a task takes 80% of the effort.[5] Achieving absolute perfection may be impossible and so, as increasing effort results in diminishing returns, further activity becomes increasingly inefficient.

    Robert Watson-Watt, who developed early warning radar in Britain to counter the rapid growth of the Luftwaffe, propounded a “cult of the imperfect”, which he stated as “Give them the third best to go on with; the second best comes too late, the best never comes.”[6] Economist George Stigler says that “If you never miss a plane, you’re spending too much time at the airport.”[7][8]

    See also[edit]
    Worse is better
    Nirvana fallacy
    Gild the lily
    Gold plating (project management)
    In the field of computer program optimization, Donald Knuth is often quoted: “Premature optimization is the root of all evil”



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