Life without hangers is a bit messy

My body is dotted in black and blue bruises. Well, dotted is one way of noting it. I have been carrying boxes up and down the stairs. I moved a heavy dining room table all on my own. I have been taping up hard-to-close boxes for weeks on end. I never want to think about moving again. It’s tough on the body. Have I mentioned that I have lived in 17 cities. It is quite a feat. Many would be besides themselves. I have never been super troubled by this as each move has been a set adventure. I knew where I was going and what was next. Today, I have no working compass. Rather, my compass works, I just haven’t set a direction. That can be both freeing and beyond frightening. As I look for a navigational pull, I have had truly random thoughts. Everything from how I abhor toner cartridges now to wondering where all the garbage in this world goes. Wait. That’s Andie Mcdowell’s character in Sex, Lies, and Videotapes. Amazing how dated that movie title has become. I suppose it could be updated to Sex, Lies, and Snapchat. But back to me. My thoughts are really on random overdrive. As I have been packing up, I have either packed or recycled close to 300 hangers. Actually, it is probably more than that by a lot. As I have been dealing with the hangers in my closet I started thinking about how messy life can be without said items. Hangers are annoying and not really cool, but they are needed. Without them, life is just messy. Clothes are strewn about and become wrinkled. They are an important part of your wardobe system. I still don’t care for them as many are too brittle to take on my weight. But it is all good since there are plenty of these support networks all around us. We just have to be willing to accept the help. And, that’s that.

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