Fun to be had with facts

She sneezed and sneezed. She couldn’t shake it off. But no one would have been able to. She was destined to adhere to the facts. Funny how her constant sneezing made her think wild thoughts.

She wanted to do some hellraising and make others a wee bit uncomfortable. But she was patient. She could wait until the early dawn to enact her fun plan. For it will be fun. For fun was going to be had. Fun with facts.

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  1. Yes.. Fun With
    Facts as
    Long as one
    Acts more
    Seeking Finding
    In Fact a Dance and Song to
    Act.. oh by the way Hi
    As i for one
    FEEL that
    Being Friendly
    Is the Best Human
    Fact of all so much
    Better than just
    Even Art
    When Love
    Is Left to Live to Be ALiVE..:)


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