I’m turning green

I had the silliest thought this morning. I woke up, sleepily made my coffee, and then made my son’s breakfast and lunch. As I went through my daily morning routine, a thought kept rinjing through my mind. And, that was that I’m turning green. I quickly wrote it down and then forgot about it. I then just looked at my note to myself and wondered. I wondered what it was all about. For the life of me, I cannot recall.

I do remember a Sesame Street skit and song about it not being easy being green. I would play that my son all the time. Poor Kermit. I think he was my favorite Sesame Street character. He was green and it was hard but he was strong in who he was. But while he was my favorite Sesame Street character, I’m not too sure that is why I wrote myself that note.

Now green can be the color of envy. But at this moment in time, I’m happily not envious of anyone. Except for that unicorn who has it all.

Green is also associated with being environmentally minded. I do recycle. But no one would refer to me being green in that way.

So, how am I turning green? I just don’t know. In order to figure it out, I may have to replicate the context in which the thought came to mind. Thus, next time I’m sleep-deprived sleepily trying to get things done, I may figure out how I am turning green. I may just know tomorrow or the day after. Many possible days for enlightenment.

Oh wait. It just hit me. I am turning green. See, I love salsa. But in the past I always preferred red salsa. Smoky, spicy red salsa. Now, now I am starting to really like green salsa. And, I cannot get enough of it. Now, why I was thinking about salsa at 5am is anyone’s guess. Maybe I was lucid dreaming. Maybe its all just a dream.

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