I am busy and I don’t care to think about it

Perhaps I am extremely tired. No, I am extremely tired. There is no perhaps to it.  I am working on a book chapter that is due in two weeks and I barely have an outline together. I am a very fast writer, however. But there just may not be enough hours in the day.   I am grateful to blogging as it has helped me develop as a writer in that I can put thoughts onto “paper” very quickly. I am a stream of consciousnesses writer after all. However, academia is snooty and they may not appreciate my streams. One reviewer once provided me feedback that my writing was “too beautiful” and thus he felt compelled to reject my submission. Jokes on him as my paper was accepted. Despite it’s beauty. BAH HUMBUG.   Is it too early in the year to use that phrase? We are inching closer and closer to Christmas, afterall.


Perhaps I have run out of things to say. Nah. I don’t believe that either. As a kid, besides Mimi, I was called a chatterbox. I just realized I didn’t finish my thoughts from above where I was telling you all about the countless things I need to do. The book chapter is just one bit. But I feel that I need to move on from that stream.  I am getting to my overall point. I promise.


See, I feel the need to write today about that silly screen and notice that we get when trying to turn off our laptops (or turn on). If we try to turn them off. You know the message. The one that notes that we shouldn’t shut off our laptop just yet as it is done some silly update and upgrade despite our desire to not do so.   Well, it may not be that we are anti-update. It’s just that we didn’t give it permission. And, yet it does it of its own free will. Yes, sure. I postponed the update countless times. But I had a reason for that. I am busy.  And, I don’t care to think about it.


But it is not just the silly technology update that bothers me.  It is that this is just one part of life that seems to be going that way.   So many things in life need an update. And often those updates are forced upon us. And, really I am not talking just about technology and our electronic devices. It is everything.  And. I am tired of it. Let me stay in my bubble every once in a while. Let me enjoy nothingness and stasis. And a static way of being. Even for just a few minutes.   Don’t get me wrong. I love change. I love technology. I have every electronic device imaginable from Alexa, to fitbit, to smartwatch, to iPod (who has that anymore?) to iPad to four laptops to a desktop and so forth.  But sometimes at 5pm on a Saturday night I just want quiet. Even for just a second. And that includes my laptop NOT talking to me and forcing an update upon me.


That’s it. Now I have to go back to writing my book chapter. May it be beautiful just to irk the reviewer and may it be quiet for a few hundred words. Whatever that may mean.

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  1. I know what you mean. We’re moving – and I tried to download the app from the moving company, which is supposed to help. Wouldn’t let me do it. There was some nonsense about allowing DRM, which I did – after which the computer went off into lalaland. Still have no app. I did NOT need to waste time on that this morning, though I’d like to know where our stuff is when it leaves here. Sigh. Technology takes so much.


  2. Totally agree with your feelings on updates! It frustrates me how everything requires an app and update every so often while my phone also has no storage. And most of the time, I feel that updates have only gotten worse, with spam notificatios, leading me to question why fix something if it’s not broken?


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