I can skillfully pivot around your questions: Or so I have been told

Lately, I have been considering a new career. I have been thinking how cool it would be to go into something completely different. Sadly, such moves are not readily encouraged by society as we are often pigeonholed into our past. A person, just last week, asked me if my skills were transferable. Of course they are. And, of course I cannot state that so confidently. As we are suppose to not believe that we can do everything. It would be so awesome to be Jack and Jill of all trades. Renaissance men and women.

As a result of all these interactions, I have been thinking about what are my skills. One skill I have discovered that I have is that of being evasive. Being really good at being evasive. I actually didn’t know I was so skillful at this until multiple people let me know that I was good at not really answering certain questions. I know how to deflect. I know how to pivot, as they say in communications. I was at a meet and greet where a government spokesperson talked about the pivot. Sometimes you can’t answer a question truthfully but you really do not wish to lie.   That is when you do a pivot. A little dance. A little distraction. You offer something else in return.

I always prefer to answer and be transparent.   Yet, there are times that it is not the right time.  We have all been there. There are always going to be those with high emotional IQ who will figure it out. Sometimes they will call you out and other times they will go along with the dance.   For the most part, people realize that if I have to pivot it is for a very good reason. And, thus we dance. And, it is ok. Not everything can be answered in the moment and sometimes you just have to trust the process.

All this talk about pivoting and communications dancing has me thinking of two completely unrelated songs.

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  1. Sounds like you’d make a good politician. Maybe you could transfer your skills there as a new career. I’d bet the experiences you’ve had to date would be useful as guides in that environment as well.


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