Mission Impossible Fallout gave my son a true action-packed cinematic experience

It is my son’s birthday month and I am ecstatic. As is he. I want every weekend to be a fun-filled, action-packed adventure for him. Well, maybe not adventures in the grander sense of the word . But I think you get what I mean. I want him to enjoy his entry into the tween years. While I am ecstatic, I am also freaking out a bit. He is definitely getting older now.  Before this year, the aging process was a mirage. Ten, however, is very meaningful in the aging lore. On top of which I am getting older. But, I am holding my fear at bay and trying to be fun, fun, fun. Anyway, I want him to enjoy the month.  As such, I took my son to watch Mission Impossble: Fallout.

Why is this a big deal? See, I have never watched a Tom Cruise film in the movie theater before.  I have watched all his films (except for Magnolia).  However, I have tended to watched them at home, on demand, late at night.  His movies are really good nighttime watching. But I had read the reviews and seen the twitter feeds exalt this latest Mission Impossible installment. Thus, it seemed natural to go catch it in the theater this time around. Plus, it was showing in 4DX and it turns out this movie was perfect for 4DX.   Just perfect!

We were super early to the film and I realized, while waiting for it to start, that I could not recall how the last Mission Impossible ended or even what it had been about. But I did not use my time to read up on the past movies. You know why? Because it normally doesn’t matter with the Mission Impossible movies. The plot is usually not rocket-science.  I am not knocking it. One watches the MI movies for their action sequences.  And, sure enough this was that and so much more.  But my son did note as we left the theater that these movies should not be called Mission Impossible as it is always possible and the hero is quite crafty and heroic.   I will admit there were two characters I should have recognized as they play a major role in the Fallout movie. But I didn’t. And, that was ok.   I soon caught up. And I might just now look it up on IMDB.  But it doesn’t matter. You know why? Because the action sequences reigned supreme.

The ostensibly last 15 minutes of the film, which was really 30 or so minutes, was riveting and did have us swaying and jumping with the characters as they raced to save the world.   The movie could actually just consist of those last 30 minutes and be just fine. Although, that would not have afforded us too much of Henry Cavill and he was divine in this film. Well, not so much his acting as he barely did that. But his brooding, hulking and chiseled self should fist-fight more often. Anyway, my son thoroughly enjoyed the film and in particular that last 30 minutes. The helicopter sequences at the end were thrilling and kept him riveted.


But that was not all. What also entertained my son were the use of the masks. I first introduced my son to the Mission Impossible movies this past year and he had found the use of masks to be silly yet intriguing. Since my son was just first introduced to this franchise, the masks never went out of style.  Where can I get me some of these masks that can be produced at a second’s notice of seemingly anyone?  I could truly use one. Just saying. Also, my cinematic self loved the sequences in France that were reminiscent of old car chases and of London where you can see gorgeous skyline.


Well, happy birthday month dear son. It’s off to an action-packed month. Let’s see what next weekend brings.

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  1. Wow. I wish someone had ever made my birthday month a special thing. I think I got a cake when I was a kid. When I was a younger adult, I realized that the best thing to do was celebrate it myself, and, for many years, that led to the annual pot luck picnic on our back patio. People don’t entertain enough – but I enjoyed my picnic every year.


      • I stopped a few years ago, as fewer and fewer people would even respond to my invitation! Many would say, “I’ll drop in if I can.” I blame other family commitments (it was always the Saturday after Labor Day).

        The other thing, which I didn’t let bother me, was that there was never any reciprocation.

        As I have ME/CFS, and little energy, I did what I could, and the picnic was always an occasion of pleasure for me. People seemed to enjoy it and each other when they did come.

        So, I did it for me. The rest was a bit of a toss-up.

        The couple who came the longest is the one set of friends here I will miss when we move from NJ to California, but even they we see only a couple of times a year, and that’s not enough to stay for. Hope they come visit some time, and my husband stays in contact.

        Sometimes lovely people just have too many friends for their diminishing energy, and it has to go to the higher priority family commitments.


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