I have finished my Gossip Girl binge, xoxo


When the television show Gossip Girl first came out, I watched it religiously. Or so I thought. Or so I had remembered. But it appears, just like Serena’s fake night of debauchery, I mis-remembered actually watching all of Gossip Girl. It turns out that of the original 121 total episodes I had maybe seen around 15.  Yet, I had always believed that [spoiler alert] Dan was Gossip Girl, the ultimate insider. If you haven’t seen the show, it is about a group of teens from the upper east side of Manhattan and their treacherous, conniving ways and the anonymous internet gossip who continuously rats them out.   I am sure that the descriptions on many other dedicated websites differ from that, but that is more or less what the show was about.


I am not here to talk about and review the show. There are thousands of others who have done and who watched the show while it had aired.  Although, I had believed that I had watched it. Memory is a funny thing. We can make up memories.  But I won’t go any further into that either.


As a result of my Gossip Girl binge on Netflix, I have been a zombie for the past week. My eyes barely open.  I yawn openly in meetings. Although, that is somewhat rude, it may be a good thing.  Because of my binges, people realize that their meetings just aren’t cutting it. Maybe that will lead to more stimulating and exciting meetings. One can only hope.


I am not too sure why I took this week to reconnect with Gossip Girl. It’s not a super great show. It was entertaining enough. Although…well, I will leave the plot points alone. Gossip. It is a currency. Is it not? It serves a purpose. It helps establish social hierarchies.  It can bond people together. But it can also be hurtful and destructive.   And so many of us trade upon that social coinage. We establish whole office/workplace bartering systems based on gossip. Of course, there are also those who are willing to part with gossip with seemingly no trade in return. Do I like gossip? Yes and no.


For some reason, a lot of people confide in me. A lot of people come to me with gossip. I listen well. I try to not be non-judgmental.  I laugh a lot. Thus, people tell me stuff. I have been thinking a lot about what does it mean to gossip and to receive gossip. And, thus my subconscious must have been itching to watch Gossip Girl.


At the end of the series, Dan (spolier alert) was forgiven for being Gossip Girl and making the lives of his friends five years of hell. He was forgiven because it was true and it caused them all to grow up. In that vein, I am contemplating telling people to come with a mojito in mind so that I can process all the information. One good thing is that I try to not share the gossip that is brought to me.  But I am not perfect. But I can’t stop being me in that people will keep bringing me things and I will keep having my listening atributes.

For sure though there are some secrets I will never tell. XoXO

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  1. I strongly dislike gossip, especially slander. Some of my coworkers seem to thrive on it, which baffles me. When people could choose to converse about current events, politics, movies, travel, books, sports, family, or so many other, richer topics, they choose instead to focus on people and their perceived flaws.
    Listening to gossip or slander without contributing doesn’t make someone innocent. It makes one complicit. Especially if said gossip results in harming another person’s feelings or reputation. When people attempt to share gossip or negative opinions with me about coworkers, I try to gently steer the conversation in another direction, or politely defend the coworker.


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