I found what I didn’t want to see and ate it like a cookie


There it was staring at me.

No eyes, no ears, no mouth.

Yet, it glared and screamed.

I had tried for so long to not see

But it was always there

waiting to overrun the surface.

I went searching for water.

And, I found a raging stream

filled with the blood of the scorned.

My own blood mingled and boiled.

A sacrifice to the wild and petty.

Petty to the brim of the crooked smiles.

I drew their contours for they were so devilish.

I gasped as I drank in the salty waters

filled with the tears of the thricely buried.

There it was staring at me.

I hadn’t searched for it.

But it found me.

And, I wrapped it in velour.

Coated it with honey .

Steamed it with the hot air.

And, ate it like a cookie.




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  1. Hehe. Just the thing to do with it. (Right after writing this, I felt a strong pang in my lower back which hurts since yesterday. Now I know what to do with the pain. I love cookies.)


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