Society was indeed doomed

Tick tock. That’s what they say. And a rush and a push. That’s what they do. No one remembered the spectacle. No one wanted to as they were all afraid of what it meant for the future. So tick tock and walk about to and fro.


It’s a good day for some ice cream, it can freeze the brain procceses in place so everything is smooth all around.

But a few people were not going to forget. Those were the chosen ones. Those were the ones that would live to see another millenia.

He rubbed his leg. The regeneration always hurts with the pain intensifying each time. And, this one was worse as he had to quickly discard his leg and run fiercely away with just one remaining leg. But he got away and now his body had to nurture itself and prepare for what was coming. The X Men had nothing on him.

Meanwhile, no one noticed any longer the leg he had left behind. And, that spoke volumes. Society was indeed doomed.

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