Flipping horizontally in a garden of serenity


A few weekends ago I went to these lovely Botanical Gardens in the San Gabriel Valley. It was an extremely gorgeous and serene spot just a few miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It always amazes me how one can find such quiet spots amidst all the surrounding chaos.  As we walked the garden grounds we came across a space-age like structure that allowed us to play around with our echoes. A strange thing to come across in a garden that is meant to be serene. But we went along with it. We went inside it and talked and talked to see how our echo sounded. Its a bit of a weird feeling to hear such feedback.  In a way it reminded me of what may be referred to as flipping horizontally.


Many people are familiar with that term in regards to their phone cameras. Mirrors, flip horizontally and not vertically. It is the law of the universe.   And sometimes we feel like we ourselves (our whole being) is caught up in a horizontal flip.  What is up is down and what is down is up. I like to call it my own walking, day-to-day Bermuda triangle. A few years ago, there was an Argentinian movie called Horizontal Flip where the male and female protagonists each saw the world inverted, as through a mirror. And when they touched each other they would be able to travel to other worlds.   It is a very obscure film but what an interesting concept. What would lead a person, even two people, to see the world in reverse?  Most definitely living through trying times or knowing a ton of nonsensical people can certainly warp one’s vision.


But back to my odd sense of serenity. Walking in such a pretty garden where the sun was shining brightly and the cacti seemed even more strange and prickly, I could understand how a horizontal flip of sorts would be appropriate.   As I go about my day today, I think instead of saying how “strange” a half dozen times, I can just remark on how horizontally flipped everything is. I bet no one even blinks an eye.



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