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Empathy for a Brachiosaurus and a teeny tiny post-credit scene in Jurassic World


Summer has officially started. And, I normally would not have started it off with a dinosaur movie.  I believe that I watched the original Jurassic Park in the movie theaters years ago. (was it more than a decade ago?) But since then I have not been that keen on watching the sequels. Although, I have seen them as late night entertainment. However, since I have been on a roll this year in terms of finally going to the movie theaters and catching movies as they come out, I went to watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I figured this would be a good movie to watch in 4D.  And, it was.


Now, I do not quite know how to describe my reaction to the movie. I think I am a bit underwhelmed. I barely cared for the human characters. And, that may have been purposeful as we were undoubtedly supposed to feel grand empathy with the dinosaurs.   You get hit with that first wave of sympathy when a Brachiosaurus slowly dies in a haze.  Its cute little face just stares out at you and you want to try to save it. But you can’t and back you go with the movie flow. Spoiler alert! Many of the humans in the movie are irredeemable and most of those get their due comeuppance.  But you are still left a little bit empty.  In the movie theater around me, no one clapped at such moments. which is completely different from the numerous rounds of applause I heard last weekend during the Incredible 2.


Further, I believe that one was supposed to feel some “cold” connection with the young girl. She reminded me a bit of Sean Young in Blade Runner and there is a reason for that. Spoiler alert! The dinosaurs may not be the only things that have been cloned since Jurassic Park came to be. We shall see what comes of this come the next sequel to arrive on the scene in a few years.


Speaking of which, there was indeed an extra scene post the end credits and it left me underwhelmed. We had to wait possibly a good five minutes for a post credit scene that lasted less than 30 seconds.   The scene reminded me of when you attend a professional conference that picks a different international city each time and unveils its next city at the end of the conference. However, by then you don’t care and probably have already hit the bar, beach or bathroom.


Anyway, the movie was good enough fluff for a 4D experience. And, I really liked the Brachiosaurus and wish I could bring one home with me to hang out in my backyard.

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