A girl in the murky waters



She kicked up her heels and chased the pigeons laughingly.  She was giddy.   This was her fourth time in Venice and each time was more magical than the ones before. And this was going to be the ultimate experience.  Everything was planned out as she now knew what she liked and appreciated. And, she was bringing him home. Perhaps then they would no longer come back.


She stared at the gondolas and then jumped into the canal. The water was murky and a bit scary since it could all sink at any moment.  But she was determined to find him. But she looked and she looked and he was nowhere to be found. She became distressed and started whistling through the murky waters.  Her desperation started making her breathing more and more shallow.   Then felt a tug and her spirits lifted. A hand pulled her onto the sidewalk and she cried harder than she ever had or would in her life.

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