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Black hole consumes star: Hungry like a black hole wolf

These days the news seems quite overwhelming.  The news cycle is 24/7 and just doesn’t let up.  It is just constant and often the same old, same old story. It can be enough for one to tune it all out. It can be enough for one to miss some odd bits here and there.  There was a time when I would read tons of news stories and just consume and consume them. Now, I’m way too full on them. My head feels stretched. I used to gather wacky news stories as well, a while ago. I made it a thing. Now, isn’t everything wacky?

But, with that said, there was a strange story that caught my attention and then just stayed there somewhere deep in.

A black hole consumed a star.  And we aren’t talking about what goes on in Hollywood. we are talking about out there in the universe.

A black hole just did a major thing. I’m fascinated by this. As I read the articles, I kept humming that Aerosmith song from the Armageddon movie. There was no real reason for me to hum such a song but there it was running over and over in my head. Then I started humming SoundGarden’s song of Black Hole Sun and I got sad.   Now that I realize it, this did not go the way I originally thought. Let me veer back.

I know nothing about black holes. But they sound ominous to me as every science fiction movie out there makes it seem like we are on the verge of being swallowed up by a black hole. Then we would go into an empty void just swirling about and round and round. So, what does this hardly-covered news story mean in the grand scheme of things? Is this a sign of new black hole activities to come? Perhaps that is why we will now have a Space Force.


What did we learn from all this? Researchers believed that black holes eat stars fairly regularly and this was just captured very well for all to witness. Apparently black holes get hungry just like the rest of us.

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  1. Interesting Mimi! I appreciate what you’re sharing too about the news 💜 I do believe there are good things happening too, just that the media doesn’t cover that. I see kindnesses every day. Anyway, I think you’re great. Good post! Many blessings, Debbie


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