Monday whimsy is good for the body

We all know that Mondays are often dreaded as the start of the workweek. While you got to relax on the weekend, you then have to steel yourself against all sorts of possible indignities from the coming week. That is how one often approaches a Monday. Although, I have repeatedly noted that Wednesdays are the day of the week where one is more likely to feel depressed as you realize all that is still left to to be done for the week. Even with that, Mondays are fraught with great perils. I liken it to stepping on hot coals. You want to get to Friday without being severely burned or having a torn ligament.

With all that in mind. I try to approach Mondays with a chipper attitude. I often do manage to see the positive in things and am quite lucky that way. Thus, on Monday mornings I tend to look through my photographs for an inspirational or funny take on life. I also try to take a photograph of at least one sunrise and/or sunrise a week. This week, my whimsical photograph is that of a fruit barn in the middle of the state of California.


I am not too sure what makes me giggle about this photograph but it does give me a shot of whimsy. It is fun and happy and that is a way to approach the beginning of the week. I’m sure not many others are as tickled by this photograph as I am, but as we are repeatedly reminded art is in the eye of the beholder. The same with comedy and what constitutes a good song. Whatever you can feel in the heart and bones, is worth pursuing.

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  1. You know, it’s kind of funny that even though I’m retired I still look at Monday as the beginning of the week and a time to start or restart many many projects. In a way it’s a kind of excuse for me to slack off on the weekend. I guess that makes sense because working mothers often have to squeeze in everything that needs to be done at home on the weekend.


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