I’m not a sentimentalist but that was a royal wedding full of grace

Despite being sleepy and tired from a crazy week, I stayed up late in California to catch the early parts of the recent Royal wedding. I love hats and wanted to see all the possible crazy, stunning ones. Eventually, I did fall asleep as the body wants to do and when I woke up I saw Prince Harry whispering, mouthing to Meghan Markle “you look amazing.” And, that’s all she wrote. He meant it and we felt it.


I honestly don’t recall watching Prince William’s wedding. I don’t believe it grabbed me in any way other than it was a bit sad to see him all grown up without Princess Diana there.  I didn’t watching Prince Charles’ and Diana’s wedding but I most definitely have seen clips of it. And, while she was happy she had a subdued happiness to her. Or perhaps that is the lens from which I view the clips as we all know they did not have a fairy tale ending.
With all that said, unbeknownst to and unpredicted by me, I was taken in by this wedding. Perhaps because the newly minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very modern, she’s American, and there was emotion. As the Bishop Michael Curry noted during his sermon, love is everything. He was extremely animated in his love of love. The grace of the wedding ceremony came often from the non-verbal communication in the ceremony.  The smiles, the small touches and the eyes. There was nothing icy about the ceremony.  And, you couldn’t help but smile with them and wish them the best coming forward.


As a mother of a mixed race child, I also related to the grand symbolism of the royal wedding involving a biracial woman. It warmed my heart on that realm as well. It was a thrill. Now we go back to the day-to-day realities of our lives.



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  1. I think it basically was a fashion show but then I’ve studied British royalty and have no illusions about them. But, no one can deny they can do the pageantry thing well.


  2. What an upbeat post … until the last sentence. As I go back to my day-to-day reality. I think about the day-to-day reality of a Duke and Duchess.

    I am a recent fan of your posts and enjoy them (including this one) a lot but I could not resist noting the shift in mood at the end of the post.


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