Sadly, I don’t have that many photos of you dear mom


Growing up we didn’t take that many photos. I honestly cannot recall us having a family camera. Somehow, we must have since there are a few photographs from my childhood. I was just recently looking at two photo albums that belonged to my mother. That’s what we have left. And it kills me. Now, I look at myself these days and I have gone the other extreme in that I have a multitude of cameras and way over 30,000 photos. My mother other would be a bit aghast.


But let me rewind for just a little bit.


My mother hated having photos taken of her. She was very conscientious about her image on film and often gave a pained look when someone was taking her photo. I am not too sure why she was so pained when she was so beautiful.   She just didn’t connect with the camera. I have met others that way. I had a college friend who always looked like she was passing a kidney stone just as the camera clicked away.  I knew of others that were that way as well growing up. I wonder, however, if with America’s Next Top Model show and Tyra Banks showing people how to smize, whether people can connect more readily with the camera now.  That would be such a fun study to conduct.


Now, let’s fast forward to today. I love taking photos. I take a minimum of five each day, it seems.  And taking one photo a day is healthy for you. Go figure! I will do that and eat an apple a day and be fabulously fit.   I take photos of my commute. I take photos of my son. I take photos of my dog. I take photos of my photos. How meta!  When we went to Japan a few years back, even though my son was about 3 1/2 years old, we gave him a camera and had him take as many photographs as he wanted. I would love to instill in him a love of photography and cameras. I would love for him to understand how cameras add another layer to your sight and perspective.


I also hope that he will have plenty of photos of us together for him to look fondly upon in the future. He can share them with his kids and so forth. I do have a few photographs of my mother and to me they are extremely precious.  As such, a major project for me going forward is to digitize as many of those old photographs as possible. Preservation of these memories has long-lasting benefits long past our time here on earth. How lucky we are to have so many ways to capture these moments. Love is in these pixels.


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  1. I love to take photos as well. I like photos of family and friends and pets, but i just cannot get into the selfie craze.

    I’m glad you have a few photos of your mother to cherish.

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  2. I do not like to see me in the photo, because I get old.
    The picture taken by your kid will be interesting, don’t you?☺️💕💕

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